Yoga & Fitness


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Take some time for yourself, leave your children to explore the rest of the facility while you enjoy a small group or 121 fitness / Yoga session


Regardless of your experience and ability level, we welcome you to our small group and 121 sessions.

Our Fitness & Yoga Studio is spacious but not vast, meaning there’s no standing at the back not knowing what you’re supposed to be doing. Even if you’re not training 121 you will feel well attended to thanks to our small group sessions.

On Saturday & Sunday mornings, get over 20% discount for an hour Yoga session when you drop the kids for their park activities.

Drop in sessions without park time are available and classes are open to everyone.

You can also get more than 20% discount on every wellbeing class we offer - when you commit to your self care and book 10 hours.

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2hr Park Session & 1hr Self Care Session - £17.50

2hr Park Session & 30min Self Care Session - £15.00

1hr Self Care Session - £9.50

30min Self Care Session - £6.50

10hr Self Care Discount - £75.00